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Hinesville Water Damage Repair Serclean provides exceptional professional restoration services in Hinesville, GA. Our team cares about your property, family, and community’s well-being. Discover how we protect your health and property with restorative and preventative solutions.

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Our Services

  • Mold remediation
  • Water damage repair and restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Emergency plumbing
  • Indoor air quality

Mold Remediation

The Hinesville area in Georgia has a humid climate that allows mold and mildew to proliferate in dark, closed-off spaces. A flood or water damage event can help a thriving mold colony spread even further. Mold often has adverse health effects on building occupants, such as:

  • Persistent congestion
  • Breathing difficulties like coughing and wheezing
  • Throat, eye, and skin inflammation
  • Headaches

Mold infestations put the health of all occupants at risk. Trust us to return your property to a normal, healthy state quickly.  

How Do Our Professionals Test for Mold?

Our water damage company in Hinesville, GA, starts remediation services with a local mold testing panel. We detect which mold species exist in your building. We conduct thorough mold inspections to gather information about your mold infestation. Our inspections involve searching for evidence of fungal growth and collecting material or air samples. We then analyze our samples to determine what type of mold exists in your home or business.  

Our Damage Restoration Process

Our technicians follow a detailed process to combat mold in buildings.

  • Inspections: Mold often leaves clear cues, like darkened walls and musty smells.  
  • Testing: Our sample analysis confirms the mold species we must eliminate, allowing us to choose the most effective methods. 
  • Confinement: Our technicians close off the infested area to prevent illness to occupants and to contain the spores in one area. 
  • Removal: We can often salvage non-porous plastics. Drywall and similar materials have pores where mold spores can hide, though. We’ll remove and replace those structures with fresh material. 
  • Sanitization: After removing the moldy materials, we thoroughly sanitize salvaged and new surfaces to prevent the mold from returning. 
  • Cleaning: Our technicians clean the area and remove their equipment. We leave the space fresh, clean, and safe for visitors. 

Our Water Damage Services

Serclean’s certified restoration specialists also tackle water damage to return your property to normal. Water damage often occurs with very little warning. Property damage from water might occur because of:

  • Broken pipes
  • Flash floods
  • Overflowing fixtures
  • HVAC mishaps
  • Malfunctioning appliances
  • Faulty gutters

We have professional restoration services in Hinesville, GA, that address each issue. 

Damage Repair

First, we mitigate the standing water with industrial shop vacuums. Our team quickly sorts your belongings into salvageable and non-salvageable groups. Fabric furnishings may soak up too much water to save. Plastic or hardwood items may dry quickly. After addressing the immediate damage, we can examine the building structures. Some materials absorb more water than others. We will remove and replace those items to protect your home or business from future damage.  

Water Removal

Standing water might look harmless at first glance. However, it can harbor dangerous pathogens, depending on its source. For example, water that comes from drainage pipes is called gray water. It may contain food waste, dirt particles, and infectious bacteria. Sewage leaks produce what’s called black water. It may contain hazardous raw sewage. Speedy removal is essential to protect your property and surrounding buildings from contamination. We quickly drain the excess water with pumps and shop vacuums. We then restore and sanitize surfaces before scrubbing the air. 

Moisture Testing

Moisture can linger long after a water-damage cleanup, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. High indoor humidity can cause respiratory and structural problems, even without a mold infestation. After our water mitigation and removal process, we use moisture meters to detect the moisture levels in your building’s atmosphere. Our technicians treat any excessive humidity with cutting-edge dehumidifiers. This last step protects your property, belongings, and health.  

Fire Damage

Fires are often traumatic, regardless of the property type. They can cause fatalities, injuries, and life-long scars. Picking up the pieces after surviving a fire might seem impossible. Serclean can help with returning your property to normal. Our Hinesville restoration experts execute a thorough cleanup strategy that includes:

  • Assessment: We evaluate the damage’s extent to determine the appropriate professional restoration services to deploy. 
  • Board up: Fire-damaged properties are often unsafe and can present a liability to the property owner. Our team securely boards windows, doors, and other entries to prevent trespassers from entering. 
  • Smoke removal: Smoke lingers after a fire, creating a hazardous atmosphere. Our team sets up industrial-strength fans to remove any remaining smoke from the building before kicking off our property restoration efforts. 
  • Soot and moisture removal: Smoke carries small particles. These particles can stain building materials, as does any remaining water from the sprinkler system. We rinse these surfaces clean and follow up with sanitization.  
  • Offsite content cleaning: Some of your belongings might have damage but remain salvageable. We collect and transfer them offsite to clean, restore, and return them to you.

Rug and Tile Cleaning

Floors take some of the worst damage after fires, floods, or plumbing mishaps. Tiles and rugs are particularly vulnerable.

  • Organism growth: Mold spores, bacteria, and viruses can hide in the fibers of carpets and rugs. We frequently must discard carpet flooring. However, our team can pressure wash and treat rugs. 
  • Grime buildup: Tile grout and rugs trap all sorts of dirt on an average day. That grime builds up even more after fires or floods. We sanitize and scrub these materials to renew them. 
  • Excessive moisture: Moisture can become trapped inside tile flooring and rugs, destroying the material. Our team thoroughly dries everything to return your property to working order. 

Emergency Plumbing

Serclean’s team doesn’t just respond after water damage occurs. We also help with plumbing emergencies to minimize damage. We have plumbers on duty 24/7 awaiting your call for professional restoration services in Hinesville, GA. Leaks from burst pipes or overflowing fixtures often catch Hinesville property owners off guard. They always seem to happen at the worst possible times, like in the middle of the night or while you’re on vacation. Our trustworthy crew will access the leak’s source and promptly begin plumbing repair in Hinesville, GA. 

How Quickly Do We Respond?

We respond immediately once we receive your call for emergency plumbing services. Time is of the essence when cleaning up after water emergencies. Time is also vital when fixing the initial water problem. 

Our Emergency Plumbing Services

Our plumbers arrive on the scene with everything they need to stop the flooding, no matter the source. Plumbing emergencies take numerous forms.

  • Clogged drains: Many homeowners don’t suspect drain blockages as a potential reason for needing water leak repair in Hinesville, GA. However, a clogged drain can cause dirty water to back up onto the floor, countertops, and surrounding surfaces. 
  • Burst pipes: Old plumbing pipes can burst without warning. A sudden cold snap in winter can cause damage that may not show up until later.
  • Water leaks: Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines can leak gallons of water into a home or business. 
  • Slab leaks: Although rare, slab leaks have far-reaching consequences. They develop in the plumbing system beneath your home’s foundation, potentially putting your structure’s integrity at risk. 

Indoor Air Quality

Serclean offers more than professional restoration services in Hinesville, GA. We also help residents and business owners keep their indoor air healthy, breathable, and clean. We offer several air quality improvement solutions. 

Air Quality Testing

We determine which particles exist in your air before recommending solutions. We use an industry-leading air quality test to determine which pollutants are present in your vents. Sometimes, we may find:

  • Asbestos
  • Mold spores and mildew colonies
  • Allergens from pets, smoke, and plants
  • Bacteria and other pathogens
  • Carbon monoxide leaks

We then suggest filter strengths and air-scrubbing equipment accordingly.  

Pet Odor

Your furry friends provide amazing companionship, but they’re also sources of odors and allergens. When they scratch or lick themselves, they release thousands of tiny skin cells, hairs, and dander particles into the air. These particles cause inflammatory reactions in humans and generate odors. We can freshen the air safely and effectively. 

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet feels plush and cozy beneath your feet. However, it harbors millions of loose fibers and trapped particles that may infiltrate your HVAC system. Our carpet cleaning methods significantly reduce these pollutants. 

Lead Testing and Cleaning

Some building materials, like paint, harbor hidden health threats. Lead can cause significant health concerns if it builds up in the human body, especially in children. We analyze soil, paint, and circulating particles to determine whether lead is putting your family at risk. 

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Like many property owners, you probably closely monitor your HVAC system’s performance. However, your duct network might fly under the radar, collecting indoor and outdoor pollutants like pollen, mold spores, and dust. These particles will inevitably reenter your circulating air.

Call Serclean to bid farewell to these inflammation-inducing allergens through our professional duct cleaning services. 

Lead Inspections

Homes and businesses constructed before 1978 often contained building materials infused with or made from lead. Its damage resistance made it an attractive option to property owners looking for long-lasting structures. Unfortunately, lead is toxic to humans. It builds up in the body during prolonged exposure. If you suspect the presence of lead in your home or business, schedule an inspection from our team. We will check:

  • Water supplies
  • Paint
  • Air quality
  • Property soil

If we detect lead on your property, we can help you navigate the next steps, such as professional restoration services in Hinesville, GA.

Insurance Claims

The last thing you need after a destructive disaster is concerns about insurance coverage. Navigating the claim process can be challenging. You don’t need extra stress from trying to deal with insurance questions. Let Serclean handle the insurance paperwork for your business or home restoration services. We document every step of the process to ensure accurate filing. 

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About Hinesville, Georgia

Hinesville, Georgia, boasts a rich history, booming population, and fascinating culture. Serclean’s team loves serving its over 35,000 residents by helping them return their residential and commercial properties to normal after damaging events. We enjoy many aspects of living in and serving Hinesville. 


Hinesville became Liberty County’s seat in 1837 after its namesake, Senator Charlton Hines, suggested the county move its seat to a more central location with access to the gulf and primary railroads. Later, the Civil War brought General William Sherman’s march to the sea, which devastated the area through a series of skirmishes. Samuel Dowse Bradwell would help rebuild the area by reopening the Poor School and Hinesville Academy. The Hinesville Academy became known for its quality education. It later became the Bradwell Institute. Against all odds, Hinesville became a boom town during the Great Depression and World War II, making it the Southern staple we know and love today.


Hinesville residents know the area for its intense, long-lived summers and short, chilly winters. Warm weather brings temperatures into the upper 90s regularly. Although winters are short and comparatively mild, temperatures can drop below freezing. Hinesville receives ample rain and cloud cover throughout the year.  

Things To Do

Hinesville residents have no shortage of adventures to enjoy during their off-time. The town’s rich history and coastal location make it perfect for family beach visits or educational outings. Some of our favorite places to visit include: 

  • The National Telephone Museum: The historic home of Trudie and Glenn E. Bryant houses this attraction as a testament to their dedication to Georgia communications. Visitors can view diverse communications equipment from various periods to experience the technology’s progress. 
  • The Old Liberty County Jail: Visitors can tour Liberty County’s longest-standing jail, which served the county for 80 years before condemnation.  
  • The Infantry Third Division Museum: Visitors can experience the past and present of Hinesville’s military highlights, including a showcase of military vehicles.

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