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Your four external walls and roof keep you warm, dry, and secure. However, they’re constantly on the frontlines, taking all the hits, especially in extreme weather conditions. Whether internal or external factors are at play, sometimes, you need Serclean home damage restoration to make your abode impenetrable again. 

Are You Encountering Any of the Following?


Water Damage

When heavy rainstorms hit coastal sea-level states, like Florida or Georgia, water levels rise, causing flash floods. Water soaks through carpets, rots floor planks, and deteriorates your house’s wooden structure. Similarly, busted plumbing pipes and backed-up sewer lines destroy keepsakes, electrical appliances, and your home’s foundation.

Mold Damage

Water damage experts trace fungal growth to moisture. Whether leaking wall pipes expose drywall to excess moisture or rooftop holes leave the underlying wooden structure susceptible to precipitation, keep an eye out for signs of toxic growth. These include a blue-green or black fuzz and mustiness.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Florida and Colorado are two of the most dangerous wildfire states. Because fires consume everything, you lose possessions and massive household areas and must deal with cleanup. Smoke also stains your home, releases toxic soot, and lowers air quality.

Disaster Damage

Home damage restoration is necessary for disaster damage, from fallen trees to high wind damage due to hurricanes and tornadoes. Depending on your location, landslides, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions may also affect your property.


Our Services

Home Water Damage Restoration

Home water damage restoration includes pumping water and drying affected areas. Our local water damage restoration company removes any harmful materials that may have floated in during the flash flood.

Mold Services From Our Mold Remediation Company

After finding fungus, our mold remediation company treats infestations with in-depth assessments to devise the most appropriate solutions. These include HEPA vacuuming of spores and chemical sprays. 

Air Quality Testing From Our Water Damage Experts

After extensive damage, carbon monoxide, VOCs, and other gasses and airborne pollutants surround your home. Our property restoration services include detecting temperatures, humidity, and contaminants with monitors to make changes accordingly. 

Fire Restoration 

Our fire and water damage restoration company understands that faulty wires, outlets, and lighting fixtures cause flames as easily as forest fires. Residential damage recovery includes repairing soot-, fire-, smoke-, and odor-damaged areas in addition to electrical sources.

Emergency Plumbing

If burst supply lines or sewer pipes cause flooding, we repair the broken or clogged sections with patching and plunging. If necessary, we’ll partially or fully replace your plumbing system anytime, day or night. 

Commercial Property Damage

Disasters shouldn’t cost your business revenue and customers. So, alongside home repair and restoration, we assist with commercial property damage, whether that requires demolition or reroofing, improving safety for employees and clients.

Why Choose Serclean?

Serclean has been a trusted fire and water damage restoration company for over 25 years. Each licensed and insured team member equips themselves with advanced, cutting-edge technology that makes every process effortless and successful. We also offer 24/7 assistance and help with insurance, so you have little to no out-of-pocket expenses. 

Our Restoration Process

Once you schedule an initial consultation, our team will conduct a walkthrough and an in-depth inspection. Once we pinpoint the root cause, we’ll determine the appropriate disaster repair services and begin restoration. Afterward, we’ll clean up debris and other remains, leaving the area spotless.

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