Water Damage Restoration in Richmond Hill, Georgia

When you think of water damage, your mind probably races to more sinister whole-home floodings caused by sewer line backups or rising sea levels. But even the slightest drip from a cracked pipe can leave you needing water damage restoration in Richmond Hill, Georgia. Whatever the cause of your excess moisture, trust Serclean for results.

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Below are services we offer to ensure proper water damage cleanup in Richmond Hill, GA.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Prolonged repairs lead to more effects developing in the disaster’s aftermath. We promptly dispatch our emergency plumbing service in Richmond Hill, GA, to assess property issues. 

After a thorough inspection, a hand-held wet vac extracts standing water while a dehumidifier removes airborne moisture to bar fungal growth. Water damage cleanup in Richmond Hill, GA, also entails cleaning and sanitizing affected areas with lingering odors and bacteria and removing irreversibly damaged items. Finally, we restore and reconstruct by repairing or replacing:

  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Roofs
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical fixtures

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Mold Remediation 

Water damage in Richmond contributes to toxic mold growth. Even if the fuzzy blue-green spores aren’t visible, mustiness is always noticeable, so we’ll inspect for fungus in addition to its sources, like leaky roofs or cracked pipes. We conduct swab and air cell tests, pinpointing affected locations during professional water restoration in Richmond Hill, GA.

Afterward, we’ll confine the contaminated area by sealing it to prevent spreading. A HEPA vacuum safely removes mold before we sanitize with fungal-resistant chemicals and clean our work area thoroughly.

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Our Home Damage Repair Services in Richmond Hill, GA

Water damage restoration in Richmond Hill, Georgia, begins with water abatement. If rising sea levels or heavy storms caused the flood, we extract debris that floated in before repairing damages. Otherwise, if burst pipes or faulty appliances like washing machines or dishwashers are to blame, we uncover the leak by moisture testing with meters and repair them before fixing floors and walls. 

Fire Damage

Fires consume everything, including your house’s structure and personal possessions. We strive to salvage and restore your belongings with off-site content cleaning and conducting whole-home repairs, but before this, we evaluate the smoke and fire damage. 

We’ll board all entry points, keeping your belongings clean, especially if the fire originated outdoors. Then, we remove existing indoor soot and smoke with state-of-the-art equipment before beginning reconstruction.

Emergency Plumbing Service in Richmond Hill, GA

If you need an emergency plumbing service in Richmond Hill, GA, it’s likely because high water pressure or corroded piping materials have given way to cracks and burst pipes. These issues contribute to slab leaks and stains on walls, floorboards, and ceilings. Furthermore, clogs cause gray water to overflow from fixtures, requiring anything from plunging or snaking to pipe repairs and replacements. 

Indoor Air Quality 

In Richmond Hill, Georgia, water damage repair isn’t all we do; removing foul odors and improving air quality is just as crucial. Using numerous tests, we check for lead (usually found in old paint or pipe materials) alongside the following: 

  • Bacteria 
  • Asbestos 
  • Mold
  • Allergens 
  • Carbon monoxide

After speedy removal, during which we clean HVAC ducts and carpets, we eliminate pet odors with commercial-grade services. 

Preventing Water Damage

Better than remedying your home with Richmond Hill, GA, water damage restoration is preventing water damage altogether. Annual plumbing, gutter, and roofing maintenance catches slowly deteriorating materials before they become costly repairs and heartache. Similarly, a sewer cleanout in Richmond Hill, GA, drains wastewater away from your home while sealing entry points that bar water from natural disasters. 

Insurance Claims

More daunting than needing emergency water restoration in Richmond Hill is filing insurance claims. When doing so, consider your coverage to ensure your policy pays for your given scenario. If it does, document damages with photos, a detailed inventory list, and the restoration process records. Then, we’ll help you facilitate claims by working with your insurance company and streamlining the process. 

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