Mold Testing

We’re Serclean and mold testing is just one of the things we do to make our area healthier and happier. If you have mold growing inside your home, it can result in uncomfortable symptoms that include chronic cough or itchy skin.

Your home might have mold growth in hidden spaces for many years before you realize that it is affecting your health. When you suspect that there might be mold lurking in your home, give us a call.

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You deserve a  company that you can trust, that send out Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification-trained technicians who understand how to remove the contamination carefully.

Certified Mold Professional Technicians

While some mold remediation companies train their technicians, our company has the only certified mold testing and removal technicians. The removal of mold requires specialized procedures to ensure all of the spores are eliminated along with the current growth on a building’s surfaces.

Before the removal of mold, you must understand its species in order to use the correct removal methods and to prevent serious health complications. An incorrect mold cleaning process can lead to additional contamination in other areas of a home or business.

The Importance of Mold Testing Before Beginning Remediation

To understand what type of mold is contaminating your home, it is vital to have professional mold testing completed by knowledgeable technicians. Samples of mold are collected from the air and from hard surfaces such as ceilings, floors and plumbing fixtures.

Mold spores often thrive behind surfaces in wall insulation or wooden building frames, and a technician can remove an electrical switch plate to collect a sample or enter an attic to collect a sample from the roof’s supporting beams. The testing samples are sent to laboratories to determine what species of mold is contaminating the home.

Understanding the species of mold can make it easier to receive reimbursement from homeowner insurance companies.

HEPA Filtering Equipment

mold testing athens GAIt is important for a mold remediation company to use the best equipment to remove mold from your home with high-efficiency particulate air filtering equipment.

With HEPA purification systems, nearly 100 percent of the particles of contamination are filtered to avoid new contamination. In addition to removing mold growth from visible surfaces, you want the technicians to clean the mold from hidden areas of your home to protect your family’s health and to avoid damaging your home.

Mold can grow underneath drywall and carpets, and can be extensive in some cases and the process of removing the contamination can require several days of work. In other situations, there are much quicker methods of rendering your building mold-free.

November 2, 2016

The Serclean Team are some of the most attentive professionals I have met. They were detail oriented and so focused on getting the job done. We're so grateful for their help!

Reduce Allergens with Specialized Cleaning Treatments

In addition to having the mold growth and spores suctioned from surfaces and the air, you must have surfaces cleaned with nontoxic chemicals to eliminate all of the contamination. Tiny mold spores can survive for many years in dry areas of your home but will begin to multiply when it is humid or if there is moisture from a leaking roof or pipes.

Certified technicians have access to industrial-strength cleansers and deodorizers that are designed for eliminating molds that that cause allergic reactions such as sinus congestion or a runny nose.

Have a Building’s Ductwork and Vents Cleaned with HEPA Vacuums

To make sure that the mold spores are removed from your home, a remediation company will also sanitize a building’s venting system. The best way to remove contamination from vents and ductwork is with HEPA vacuuming devices that will suction all of the debris from deep inside the ventilation system.

A remediation team will seal each room’s vents to avoid contaminating surfaces during the cleaning process. Household dust, mold growth and other debris is suctioned through HEPA filters into containers for disposal at an off-site location. Call our mold remediation company today for professional mold testing and removal.